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    Mobile Track

    Mobile and computers tracking the goods at any time.

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    7*24 online

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    Safe transportation

    Safe transportation in the whole process, can be monitored.

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    Price Fairness

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Sino logistics is a modern international logistics enterprises approved by national related departments and Guangzhou government. It consists of operation department, sale department, warehousing, customs declaration and trucking department. Its main business includes full container by sea, less than container by sea, int’l air cargo and storage.  After 15 years of development, Sino company has become a measure logistics among foreign trade enterprises. Advantages on shipping:Long and steady strategic cooperative relations with shipping company as CHINA SHIPPING,TSLINES, MAERS... 【more】
  • {f.InfoTitle} logistics emergency handling cargo tank cargo from lithium 2015-10-22

    I am a certain logistics company in Shenzhen overseas sales VIVI, in September 2015, a India freight forwarding through the network to find me, consulting Hongkong to Mumbai lithium battery air freight. Through a thorough understanding of this ticket goods have been in Hongkong airport, is due to the packing problem is rejected by airlines. This ticket goods today if not booking, will make Indi...

  • {f.InfoTitle} won a customs management qualification 2015-10-22

    Recently, Jiangsu certain International Freight Agency Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the surname Tong Yun) after the success of the new Sanban listing. There was more good news, the company success audit by the Nanjing Customs, won the class a customs and Excise management enterprise qualification. According to the provisions of the customs of the people's Republic of China on enter...

  • {f.InfoTitle} Australia TSL company to visit a logistics network 2015-10-22

    October 19, 2015, Australia CEO Allan TSL company to visit a logistics network, a logistics network overseas departments responsible person, the Australian regional head of the warm reception. Visiting leaders visited a logistics network, services and operation mode of the TSL Australia CEO Allan of jctrans provided gave highly, and hopes that both sides can the business cooperation of in-d...

  • {f.InfoTitle} Fast consumer goods I transport you 2015-10-22

    There are a lot of Zhuzhou logistics company, and the third party logistics logistics company in Zhuzhou do good non union logistics is! Certain logistics can be said is the leading brand in the third party logistics, a lot of Hunan Province even province customers are looking for country linked to transport goods. Hubei Xiaogan gong through the network to find a way to help the transport l...

  • {f.InfoTitle} a perfect interpretation of the logistics supply chain 2015-10-22

    June 2015, certain logistics Ding Qiming deputy total Nantong I an old customer received through phone calls call from the United States: the enterprise now the United States to build factories, need to purchase parts from domestic, but there is no domestic relevant qualifications and support staff, request world shipping company on behalf of the connection and. Although this is a "help&qu...

  • {f.InfoTitle} Various factors affecting the price of logistics transportation 2015-10-22

    A lot of customers are complaining. The price change of the return car is too high, high, low, very low. Let a person not know what course to take. The following factors will have a direct impact on the price changes. 1, the property of the goods: Special goods (hazardous chemicals, special equipment, three super goods, fresh cold, etc.) in view of the characteristics of the goods, tran...